Practising Gratitude

I have a new understanding of gratitude. A sense of not taking stuff or people for granted and really appreciating them while they are just there doing their normal thing that they do. This new understanding is because of domestic turmoil in my life. On Good Friday I woke up to find the Fridge Freezer had died and everything in it was hot / melted / mouldy (it had clearly been dead for a day or so without us realising!). Then we wanted to toast our Hot Cross Buns but the toaster had also died (it has since mended itself mysteriously). And today my Induction Hob gave a small bang and completely died as I was cooking dinner. I’ve only been Hob-less for a few hours so haven’t fully felt the impact yet but the Fridge Freezer has been a killer: no ice for Gin & Tonics, no cold Beer, no frozen berries for my Green Smoothies, having to food shop daily as everything goes off too quickly AND I had to drink a bottle of chilled wine from Tesco Metro really fast before it got too warm! We still have days to go until the new one is installed. I used to think that I was pretty good at daily gratitude – often focusing on the positives in my life, considering myself to be very lucky etc. Now I realise that there is a whole other level of taking things for granted. And of course it’s not just kitchen appliances, it’s the little things that partners / kids / family / friends do to make us smile, help us out or just give comfort and familiarity with their funny ways. Personally I’m on a mission to go to the next level with gratitude – to look at the everyday stuff, the small stuff and really appreciate it because one day it might not be there anymore and it’s a bit too late to appreciate it then. If you’d like to join me, ask yourself who or what in your life have you been taking for granted? Meanwhile I’m off to polish the microwave and whisper sweet nothings to it … if that dies as well I am done for!! Pls like / share.

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