I’m breaking my own rule today (because after all rules are generally made to be broken!) and using this post for a little promotion. But hopefully you’ll let me off as it’s a non-profit venture and I’ve volunteered my time. I’m running an 8 week community Happiness course in Wimbledon starting Tues 5th April, backed by the charity Action for Happiness (& the Dalai Lama no less), designed to give practical tips on how to bring more happiness into our lives & those around us. 

Sign up and come and play if you like the sound of it. And I’d really appreciate any shares / likes / shouting about it to spread the word. Personally I reckon it will be brilliant (and not just because of the fabulous facilitator!) – it’s a really well designed course, with practical tips based in the science of what makes us happy and encouraging community at the same time. Male/Female, Old/Young, Rich/Poor, Fat/Thin, Religious/Non-religious, Happy/Miserable etc .. everyone is welcome. Pls Like/Share

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