Where are you on auto-pilot?

Where are you on auto-pilot? We spend most of our waking times on auto-pilot and often that can involve behaviours and actions that are not so helpful. For example, automatically eating chocolate after a workout or opening a bottle of wine just because it’s Friday (I’m particularly noticing these while I’m detoxing). Similarly it can be useful to start to notice what your automatic behaviours are in your relationships that may be less than helpful. It might be always putting on the TV when you sit and eat dinner, thus stifling conversation and connection. Always doing what the kids want to do at the weekend, and feeling bored as a result. Never arranging a babysitter unless it’s a special occasion and losing out on fun together. Always turning on your laptop in the evening, prioritising work over your mental health & relationship etc. This weekend I encourage you to start to notice your habitual behaviours and question whether they are really serving you and your relationships. And if not it might be time to ditch them or change them, along with the chocolate and wine, and notice what happens. Let’s take back the steering wheel. Pls like/share.

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