Your thoughts can create your reality.

We appear to be in troubled times so I thought I’d offer some insights or thoughts from a coaching perspective, over the next few days, incase they help anyone. 

The first principle is: your thoughts create your reality. 

My biggest concern right now is that collectively as individuals, media, politicians etc we are making the Brexit situation worse than it actually is. People are understandably in a place of shock and uncertainty. And uncertainty can lead to fear and worry. 

If we apply the principle of our thoughts creating our reality, we get stuck into this fear and worry place. We focus on evidence that it’s going to be awful and ignore any glimmers of light. As we do that we feel worse. And this is happening at a country, continent and arguably World level right now. The fear becomes contagious. As a very practical example, if everyone believes the economy will tank then they act in a way to actually make that happen. 

And there’s another level to this as well if we go more spiritual or energetic. (I appreciate I’m going out on a limb here for many of you so feel free to ignore this bit). But energetically our thoughts are manifesting reality also. And imagine what the collective energy above the UK looks like right now? Probably a bit shit! I wonder if our English football team stood a chance last night because did anyone believe in them or are we all too locked into doom and gloom?

Instead I invite you to start to imagine and dream into a vision of what good things may come of this. Your vision will be different to anyone else’s but it could be eg:

– we have political reform and everyone in the UK becomes engaged and feels they have a voice 

– we end up with a fairer and kinder society

– Brexit doesn’t happen

– Brexit is a catalyst for positive change in Europe and we rejoin a better coalition 

– We stop ignoring the racism that has always been present in the UK, but is now more visible, and work to change it 

– our politicians become more representative of the population and not elitist, with a move to honesty and openness 

– the markets, businesses, currency bounce back 

– the UK thrives on its own as investments pour in

– we can continue to work and travel freely in Europe

– we continue to collaborate for peace & the environment 

Etc etc 

Whatever your dream is I encourage you to start imaging and focusing on that. It really can work. I’ve even had 2 viewings on my house arranged since the Brexit result, despite the property market allegedly being about to crash. To put that in context I only had 3 viewings in the previous 2 months! 

Maybe, just maybe, it will all work out OK after all. Or far better than it was before. 

Even if it wasn’t what you voted for, I encourage you to dare to dream, to focus on positives, to believe in a better vision of the future, to look for the glimmers of light. If nothing else it will help you to feel better 😃

Please like / share if you found this helpful. I will offer another principle tomorrow. Sue X

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