It’s all about balance

I’m currently sitting in an aeroplane waiting for take off to fly to Edinburgh. I’m without the rest of the family as I’m visiting friends. And it’s great and a bit weird. Nobody has asked me to take them to the toilet or if I have any snacks. I did however ask a man if he still had his pants (old habits die hard!). So what’s this got to do with relationships? Well it’s about the balance between couple-time, family-time and solo-time. I quite often take off for day courses or weekends away, leaving the Husband in charge of the kids. Likewise he has an annual ritual of the boys’ (men?) golfing trip, a marathon & a week cycling up mountain in the Alps – it’s strange what some people find enjoyable! And this works well for both of us. But often I find couples haven’t got the balance right for them. One half may feel very strongly that weekends have to be ‘family time’ & they must do everything together, while their partner is crying out for a recharge on their own or with friends. This situation really needs to be resolved, with some compromise from both, as it can cause all sorts of tension that shows in other ways in the relationship. How’s your own balance doing? Maybe have a think about whether it needs to change. Pls Like / Share.

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