7th day of Menopause

Right day 7 on the great Menopause symptom countdown. Just to recap so far we’ve covered brain fog, poor mental health (anxiety, feeling low, depression etc), crazy periods, weight gain, insomnia, hot flushes / sweating … and they’re just the really common ones. (If you’ve missed any, due to Facebook’s algorithms wanting me to spend money on promotion, just head over to the page http://www.facebook.com/thecouplescoach and they’re all there).

Today, to add to our Christmas stocking of goodies, we have ‘For the 7th symptom of Menopause my body gave to me …. Dizziness and Palpitations’.

Although not everyone gets them they are still pretty common. The dizzy attacks can apparently come out of nowhere. Some people even get them when lying down in bed or sitting. They may be associated with a hot flush or even a cold feeling of dread. Some poor ladies even faint with them. And most feel pretty out of sorts afterwards as well. I read of one poor woman who had one while chairing an important meeting. Not cool, poor love.

For other ladies it’s palpitations and a feeling of racing heart.

In both cases it can be pretty alarming which in turn can feed into anxiety and no doubt make it worse. Well worth seeing your GP if you’re concerned but helpful to know it’s probably just another menopause symptom.

I had one the other day – first one I think and it came out of nowhere. I was at a party, standing chatting and suddenly felt very hot and like I was about to faint. I went outside and sat down and it passed quickly but at the time I didn’t think of it being a menopause symptom … and yet I’ve been looking into the menopause & reading about it for months. D’oh. That’ll be the brain fog then!!

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