9th day of Menopause

I realise you’re probably still reeling from the shock that menopause can EVEN cause a burning sensation in your tongue, but we must press on as Christmas is looming. I’m having to combine a few symptoms once again so have loosely grouped all these as they are related to the nether regions. Off we go down below.

On the 9th day of menopause our bodies gave to us … incontinence / painful sex / farting / bloating etc.

Sounds positively delightful doesn’t it? Even women who have never had issues with their pelvic floor, while attempting to jump on the kids’ trampoline, can discover it’s not in such great shape. There can be an increase in incontinence problems as we go through the menopause as our fluctuating hormones cause our muscles to relax.

Also the vaginal skin can thin (as does the rest of it for that matter but more on that tomorrow) which can cause pain when using tampons or during sex. Your vagina may become dryer and much thinner, making sex painful and uncomfortable. The thinning of the vagina walls also puts you at an increased risk of vaginal infections like thrush and cystitis.

And as we age we can also get ‘the incredible shrinking fanny’ as it loses any plumpness or lubrication. (I’m sure there’s a more technically correct description but I’m reliably informed that this is what can happen so let’s just paint the picture and get it over with). I.S.F. (you can work it out!) also contributes to the above issues with painful sex etc.

Finally, while we are in that area of the body, menopause can cause an increase in gastrointestinal problems. These can include farting, bloating, cramping and nausea (although admittedly the last one is the other end of the body).

Are we all feeling well up for sex at the end of that?? LOL!

It’s starting to feel like we may never get to the end of the list of possible symptoms for us ladies going through the perimenopause. Fret not, the end is in sight. I’m going to finish off the symptoms tomorrow in day 10 with a smorgasbord of the final delights. Then day 11 will be resources that can help you make sense of it all. Day 12 will be about how to be menopausal and try not to fall out with those around you, including your nearest and dearest.

Thanks for reading and please share to help other ladies who may be struggling. Sue X