Where can you build connection moments

When you’re in a long term relationship there are loads of opportunities each day to either connect with your partner or to disconnect. And these little moments can have a huge impact. Some examples are:

– How you greet your partner. Is it warm and welcoming or indifferent or cold?

– How you respond when they share something with you. Are you interested, supportive or empathetic? Or do you merely grunt? Or try to problem solve & tell them what they should do? Or worst of all, make them wrong for their experience?

– How often do you do selfless acts to help them out? Or is all your energy and efforts directed to yourself or your kids or your gadgets?

– Do you intentionally think positive thoughts about your partner and see the good in them? Or are you stuck in negativity?

– Do you mention things that you appreciate in them or are you more likely to complain?

– Do you unconsciously play the victim? Eg He / She is so awful, they are always getting at me, I do everything around here, I get no appreciation etc. 

– Do you let the little things go to help the relationship to flourish?

– Are you reading this list thinking of all the ways your partner is in the wrong??! Or are you reading it thinking about how you can up your game? This answer speaks volumes! 😉

Have a ponder and perhaps try to become more aware of opportunities to connect. Notice where you in the habit of building connection or building distance? We may feel fairly powerless to impact what’s going in the World but we can all work on our own relationships and families. Please like / share. Sue x