Is it time to speak up?

Today’s post is about speaking up. Be the voice that brings about change in your relationships or the groups you are part of. 

I’m speaking up at the moment with my kids’ new school as I personally feel they give the kids far too much sugar with frequent biscuits, cakes, puddings, sweets etc. Being the new Mum in the playground I could just put up with it but, as a Systems Coach, I know that often others feel the same and it just takes one person to speak up and be ‘the voice of the system’. And if I’m wrong, everyone else thinks it’s fine and nothing changes, I then have full licence to moan about it and at least I would have tried.

For you, it might be saying to your partner ‘I feel really disconnected right now from you. How are you finding it?’. He / She could have been feeling exactly the same & immediately will feel less alone. It could be saying to your extended family ‘Actually we really want to have a very quiet Christmas on our own this year’ – they may have been secretly dreading hosting so many people and feel really relieved. It could be saying to your child’s teacher ‘You have really helped my son to have more confidence. Thank you’. It might be just what she needed to hear that day. 

Sometimes it is easier or more effective to speak up via actions rather than words. For example, if you want your work place to be more social then you can organise a social event and encourage everyone to come along. Or start small and invite a couple of colleagues out for lunch. 

Often when one person takes the courageous step of speaking up then others agree or feel braver about voicing what their needs are. 

Where can you make a request for change in the groups or relationships you are part of? What would you love to be different? I encourage you to be brave and ask for what you’d love to happen instead. No moaning allowed unless you’ve tried to change things! Please like / share. Sue X