How to sail through Christmas

Well there I was about to write a series of posts to help you to enjoy the Christmas period without falling out with loved ones, getting ill / exhausted etc. Thought I’d start with the theme of simplifying but before getting going I was curious about what I’d written in previous years. Two years ago I did Christmas tips and my first one was to simplify! I am clearly very consistent. Anyway rather than reinvent the wheel I thought I’d just repost it with a few minor edits (I think we can call that simplifying .. always practice what you preach). Here you go incase you missed it two years ago or would like a reminder: 

It’s that time of year when a lot of my clients start to bring up Christmas. And in pretty much all cases it’s a worry about Christmas – the extra to do lists, the pressure to spend, the complications of extended family etc. Somehow a ‘celebration’ event seems to bring a huge amount of stress. And add in a few Winter illnesses while our defences are down and it can be really hard work. 

So what can we do to beat the Christmas blues? I’ll offer some tips over the next couple of weeks. 

Today’s is to SIMPLIFY it as much as possible. (This is a pretty good top for everything in life actually).

Focus on what’s important e.g. For you it might be spending time with family or friends. And then make that as easy and fun as possible. If that means a takeaway curry, go for it. You don’t actually have to have a big home cooked meal on Christmas Day – there isn’t a law about it. If someone loves to cook, let them, even if you are hosting. Sometimes we can put huge pressure on ourselves to do things we have neither the talent or desire to do. After all, Gin & Twiglets can be virtually a meal in itself if you really tuck in! 

What’s most important to you and your family may well be different but figure out what it is and plan around it. For example I love waking up in our own house with just our immediate family. It feels really special to do exactly what we want and enjoy the morning. I also dislike spending a whole day inside so I try and fit in a walk after breakfast. Then we hop in the car and drive to whichever extended family is willing to cook for us ????. I did try cooking myself one year but it ruined all the fun for me so I vowed never again .. and I haven’t! 

I also recommend going for minimal effort or expense in every aspect that doesn’t matter. Let’s take kids’ Christmas plays needing costumes, as an example. What is important is seeing your kids do their bit, enjoying the ‘aah sweet’ feeling, them having fun or feeling a sense of achievement etc. What isn’t important is what they are actually wearing. Two choices – pull something roughly together, generally involving a tea towel / tinsel or an old t shirt, or get on Amazon and find something cheap or reusable. Most important – don’t stress about it. I am yet to meet a happy perfectionist – good enough is always good enough. 

Hate writing Christmas Cards? Don’t send them .. if they are such a chore they won’t have a lot of love going into them anyway. Check in with why you are doing it? You can always choose to send a message, have a phone call or arrange a catch up in the New Year instead. 

Simplicity rocks and can help you to not get overwhelmed. Please like / share, Sue X