Are you feeling cross with your partner?

If you’re feeling cross or frustrated or arguing with your partner, it can be helpful to get really clear about exactly what you’re cross about. 

I’ve had a series of couples clients in the last week realising that they are falling out because of an external frustration. One couple made me laugh when they confessed that they end up blaming one another for their toddler’s tantrums! 

And it is so easy to do. When we are frustrated, emotional, grumpy etc it tends to be our loved ones who suffer. 

Are you cross with your partner or kids because you haven’t had enough sleep?

Is your headache making you tetchy?

Are you taking out work stress on your partner? 

Is it your partner’s fault that you’ve overcommitted to the PTA? 

To gain clarity it can be helpful to write down what you’re cross about and have a good vent on paper. And then ask yourself questions such as what else is going on? How do you contribute to the situation? What’s fair? What’s your physical or mental state right now? 

It’s always interesting to me when couples who have tricky relationships have a lovely time on holiday. A real sign that external pressures take their toll on relationships. Please like / share.