Sometimes you just need to put the effort in.

Today’s post is a little reminder that often you have to put the effort in for good things to happen. 

I’m doing an 8 week meditation course at the moment. I’ve signed up because:

a) I know meditation is REALLY good for the brain, well-being, concentration, sleep etc.

b) I have never got very far trying to do it on my own or using an App

c) I have a flirty mind. Chuckle. I actually typed flitty but spellcheck changed it to flirty .. I think I’ll keep it! 

d) The accountability, weekly meeting & money paid will help to keep me on track. 

e) I like group activities so sharing our struggles each week is helpful. 

Anyway, I’m on week 3 and we are supposed to ideally do a 24 minute meditation each day. I have managed this once in 3 weeks, other than the meditation we do in the class each week. I’ve done quite a few shorter ones on my own and attempted the full 24 mins several times but given up halfway. I could beat myself up but I’m not generally that way inclined!! And the reality is that I’ve done more meditating than I otherwise would have & lots of people find it challenging to start with. Instead I view it as another reminder that we often have to put the effort in, get through our own resistance and keep trying, to achieve what we want in life. 

Maybe you have a sore body part e.g. back / knee / shoulder etc? You’ve seen the physio and know exactly what exercises will help but never do them. And so the soreness remains.

Or you feel disconnected from your partner? You know what would help (talking, spending time together etc) but instead react by being more distant yourself and so it continues.

You’d like to be fitter and know what exercises would work for you but you’re not doing them? Or you want more energy but eat poorly or go to bed too late each night?

We all have these aspects of life that we COULD improve and help ourselves. But they often mean choosing the tougher option and it’s all too easy to keep carrying on with our bad habits and accepting a less than ideal outcome.

Well if I have to keep trying to meditate for 24 (yes a massive 24 & I fear it may increase soon!) minutes each day then I think you all could put some effort in too and get on with that thing that you know would help you but you haven’t done yet. Come on in – the water’s a bit chilly but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it :). Feel free to add in a comment or send a message for what you’d like to commit to. And please like / share as you never know who might need a gentle prod today. Sue X