Tune in to what you need in the moment.

The blog of two halves – because sometimes you just have to wait until the time is right. First half – written a week ago: New term, Autumn in the air but with a possibility of summer returning this weekend (hurrah) and I’m not yet back in action. Well, actually I tell a lie. All my hobbies are back in action – Group Running, Forest Hiit class, Nia dance class, Ukulele class, Pottery class, Yoga class, weekly Pub Quiz & Action for Happiness course starting soon, catching up with friends, having a massage etc. Because that’s all the fun stuff. (I LOVE a good hobby). And the kids are back at school. I have even done some coaching & caught up on work emails. But I’m not really feeling back in the swing of it. The thing is my house is REALLY untidy. There is stuff everywhere, holiday unpacking still to do, and a mass declutter is needed. I know what I ought to do, and I’d really like it done, but I am doing everything except doing it. Even writing this blog is a form of procrastination. I have made some progress and have a lovely decluttered & organised underwear drawer but even then I cheated. My 11 year old needed me to sew her new netball dress, as it was too big. I negotiated that if I did that, in return she had to take out everything from my overflowing drawer, pair up all the socks and put everything in the right pile. It’s fair to say my sewing job was a lot quicker than her sorting job … but she needs to learn to be a better negotiator!! Some people hurtle into a new term, getting stuff organised, keen as can be. And some of us need to ease back in slowly. Whichever type you are it’s ok, we all get there in the end. And I’ve got a hard deadline of next Tuesday to sort my house out – or at least get everything put away somewhere – as the cleaner is coming. Second half – written today: Well, I’ve done it. The parts of the house that really needed tidying are now done and there is room to breathe again. But the timing had to be right. I didn’t plan for it – although the cleaner deadline was looming. Instead one day, last week, I visited a friend’s new house and felt inspired by how lovely and tidy and decluttered it was. I didn’t realise I had been inspired. I just came home, after my bike ride & porridge time, and randomly started fully decluttering the kitchen. Not just a mere tidy up but a full on clearing of the piles of stuff that had accumulated over the last 3 years since we moved here. 4 HOURS later and it was done. Then I sorted the bedroom & finally the bags that had been dumped in the hallway. The cleaner has now been and I am even keeping it tidy, so far. And it feels good. It also felt good when I was doing it because I was ‘in the zone’ and ready for it. I wasn’t having to fight a feeling of hating it, wanting to do something else or getting easily distracted. I was in flow. I’m a great believer in checking in and going with whatever mood you’re in, as much as possible. Not disregarding the fact that often work / logistics / kids / etc get in the way but, where possible, if you surf those waves when they come along, life can be a little easier. If I had forced myself to tidy in the first week I would have done the minimum and been grumpy. This way I did a thorough job and didn’t mind it. And now I’m off to make a cup of tea. Maybe see what waves are winking at you right now and wanting you to don your wetsuit? Sue x