1st day of Menopause

Right it’s time to talk about the menopause. Stay tuned even if you think you’re too young .. it starts earlier than most people realise. I think I’ll do a series of posts on this as it’s a big topic and the menopause doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention, although there have been some useful press reports in recent months.

There are so many aspects to the menopause that often women are experiencing classic symptoms and don’t realise it’s to do with the hormonal changes. And it can really mess with your life, your peace of mind, your relationships, your parenting, your work, your body …. I could go on.

Today’s little known symptom is Brain Fog. I used to be super organised, pretty much always on time, virtually never forget appointments etc. That has all changed.

Hello Menopause. Hello Brain Fog.

Are you are in your 40s or 50s (or late 30s if you get a particularly crap hand) and experiencing any of the following?

– forgetting names of things and words and events 
– missing appointments
– can’t remember what time you arranged meet ups for 
– putting things in odd places (keys in the fridge etc)
– generally feeling like your brain is foggy?

If you said yes to one or more you may well be experiencing a classic menopausal symptom. You may have worried that you are showing signs of dementia etc. The chances are you don’t have dementia, you just have Brain Fog. It’s a bummer. Apparently when you finally get out the other side your brain can return to functioning like a ‘normal’ person. Until then you may need some coping strategies.

I generally keep my diary on my phone. I now am having to add alerts to all of them because otherwise I forget to look at the diary to actually see the appointment. I nearly missed a meet up with a friend I haven’t seen for a few years today cos I forgot it. Luckily it was only 15 mins drive away and she had texted to say she was there so I jumped in the car and did a mad dash. It was in my diary – I just hadn’t put a reminder alert on. Thanks Brain Fog!

Oh and even if you are not experiencing these symptoms your friends, colleagues, partners and shop assistants might be .. please be patient, they are not being difficult, it’s the hormones!

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