Tell that person how much you love or appreciate them today.

I’m not quite sure where this post is going today but there’s a topic floating around in my head so I’ll just start typing and see what happens.

Last week I had the incredibly sad news that someone I know committed suicide. It wasn’t a close friend and yet still it has had an impact. She was a beautiful soul – kind, considerate, giving, hugely sensitive. And rather than see how much she offered the World and those around her, she was plagued with anxieties, depression and addictions. I truly hope she is now at peace.

And it reminds me of another time when I heard a good friend had suddenly died of undiagnosed cancer. In both cases I have been left with regrets. And it’s such a normal response. For example:

Why didn’t I phone him or her when I thought about them recently? I even got my phone out but didn’t dial the number. Could I have done more? I know I ‘should’ have. Could I have helped her to get professional help? Why didn’t I? Would it have made a difference? He never knew how much I enjoyed his company and appreciated him & now it’s too late to tell him. 

Deaths can come so suddenly and we don’t always get a chance to act or say what we would like to. Often we don’t even think about what we appreciate about someone until they are gone. It’s such a cliche to live a life without regrets and yet so hard to do in practice … there are just so many aspects to a busy life that can end up being ‘regrets’. 

For me, last week, was a reminder to:

– make the phonecall, 

– organise that dinner date

– tell a friend what you appreciate about them

– love your partner etc

Perhaps some of those are helpful reminders for you too. Please like / share. Sue X